About Us

While most companies start from their garage, we decided to mix it up.

Instead, we started in a living room.

The first sale happened right in our living room that was the imaginary office. We started selling surplus brand sunglasses and generic handkerchiefs, but quickly gained momentum.

Our parents were quickly irritated by the amount of stuff everywhere, so we quickly had to make arrangements. Like true entrepreneurs, instead of getting an office we moved to the garage. Can’t beat the low overhead!

Business continued to grow, so we finally got an office. Our passionate buyers and employees helped us who we are today and we want to keep it that way. People we hire are passionate about what they do and fit very well into our core values. As we continued to grow, customers continued to demand more so we expand into apparel, footwear (of course shoes, who doesn’t love them?), pet products and more.

In 2013, we launched into our second platform Amazon, amazing huh? There was no stopping us. We made sure our customers had more options to choose from in our online aisles. Electronics and gadgets came next in our store and not surprisingly we needed even more enthusiastic people in our team.

No matter how much we grow or what we become in the future, deep in our hearts we are rooted to our humble beginnings and we are always committed to our values that we here at DealStock refer to as the “Value Triangle”:

  • Community: You, our customers are the family and you always come first.
  • Trust: Offer US based support and exceptional on-demand customer service.
  • Uniqueness: Provide highest quality products at the lowest prices and match any competitors.

Since our time in business, our customers have saved over $10 million dollars. We promise to make your shopping experience truly unique, our personal guarantee. As all humans, we occasionally make mistakes, but we are so serious that we implemented the Kaizen Method (Continuous Improvement) in all our processes. If you ever see us faltering on our promise, let us know and we will move the earth to make it up to you.

Our Promise

Let’s keep things simple, if you encounter any problems from the time you place the order to the arrival of our package or later in the future. We’ll do our best to resolve the issue within 24 hours, Guaranteed!