Work Out Like a Cyborg with Wireless Bluetooth Headphones!

When you try running with normal earbud headphones, the dangling wires make you feel like a malfunctioning cyborg. It's annoying to say the least. You've heard about wireless Bluetooth headphones for working out, but you don't want to shell out hundreds of bucks or piece-out your outdated CPU-Neural Network Link-Up (how far can the cyborg metaphor go?). Well, doesn't think you should spend hundreds of bucks (or sell pieces of your rusted chassis) to afford Bluetooth headphones either! That's why we believe our Wireless Bluetooth Workout Headphones are a deal definitely worth your time. We've got them in 5 pretty sweet colors: black, white, pink, red, and blue. So basically, they are neutral but distinct enough to still look cool.

But screw cool! Let's talk about convenience. It's not easy being a broken cyborg in today's world. That's why when you're rocking these sweet wireless Bluetooth headphones, your run won't be interrupted by anything (except maybe a sideswiping car or rival cyborgs). When you hook these Bluetooth headphones up to your phone, you'll be able to switch songs, turn up the volume, and even answer phone calls without fumbling with your phone. That's right. You too can look like a running cyborg psychopath talking to themselves when someone calls you during your run or jog.

Now what about if you’ve found cyborg love or if you've got a jogging buddy? Well, since these wireless workout headphones support 4.0 Bluetooth, you and your partner (in any sense of the word) can listen to the same music as long as you’re close to each other and as long as they also own a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

The best part? You wear the main part of these wireless Bluetooth headphones around your neck. Then the buds come out this stylish, light-weight neck piece and into your ears. Do you understand what I'm telling you here? You'll basically be a cyborg! Oh, and the price? Not hundreds of about $11.99? Yep, $11.99 sounds good.

Come on, for basically 11 bucks you can feel like a cyborg and call it working out! Check out our Cyborg Bluetooth Wireless Workout Headphones!